Inhibitor Corrosion, D-5026NS, 12OZ


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Corrosion Inhibitor 007669 MIL-C-81309 12 oz Aerosol Can
D-5026NS is a medium to heavy-duty water displacing, thin-film, and corrosion preventive compound that is specially formulated to use on highly critical metal surfaces and avionic components. D-5026NS contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. D-5026NS is ideal for protecting electrical connectors from corroding. Its thixotropic property prevents it from disrupting contact between connectors, and its corrosion protection will protect in the harshest environments. D-5026NS forms a film that provides lubricity to prevent fretting corrosion as well as a film that prevents oxidation of the substrate.
D-5026NS protects cables and surfaces along with interior and exterior aircraft surfaces. D-5026NS can be used for initial protection during shipment and storage and for in-service treatment of critical areas. It also provides superior protection to avionic connectors and components and has lubricating properties to prevent fretting corrosion. D-5026NS can be used in conjunction with the Formit® extensions to provide targeted spray to areas that may be difficult to reach but need to be coated. One aerosol covers approximately 140 ft². The cured film of D-5026NS can withstand temperatures as low as -55°C and as high as 85°C continuously. The coating can withstand temperatures up to 105°C for 500 hours. cumulative. When storing D-5026NS, it is recommended that it be stored at 40°F-100°F (4°C-38°C). For removal of D-5026NS, recommend D-5640NS, Sur-Prep® 3160, or Sur-Prep 3167.
Features Protects electrical connectors from corroding Prevents Oxidation of the substrate Does not disrupt contact between connectors Provides protection in the harshest environment Useful for initial protection during shipment and storage and for in-service treatment of critical areas Specifications: AD 2002-16-03 Boeing Alert Service Bulletin 737-24A1148 DPM-5707-1 Embraer E6125209 MIL-PRF-81309 Type II & III, Class 2, Grade CO2 NSN: 8030-01-603-2131 Type II (Aerosol) NIIN: 01-603-2131 NSN: 8030-01-603-2129 Type III (Aerosol) NIIN: 01-603-2129 Sikorsky SS 8536 Ty 1
Numero ONU UN1950
Paese di origine US
Mesi di scadenza 36
Tipo di certificato analysis cert.
Condizione new
Numero KN8 34039900
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