Inspection Lacquer Fast Dry Red

Inspection Lacquer Fast Dry Red

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Tipo di certificato
C of C
Informazione prodotto

UV and weather resistant for at least 3 years (elapsed time since testing began)
Airbus specification ECS‑L 2274 Boeing specification BMS8 45 Type II Rolls-Royce specification MSRR1102 Bosch standard 2580–1 Saffran specification HMDC6002
This Fast Dry series is an extremely quick-drying locking varnish system, which is characterized by excellent anti-sag properties and good adhesive properties.
This Fast Dry screw locking varnish is water, oil and petrol resistant, as well as resistant to diluted alkalis and acids. It can be used without any problems at temperatures up to 125°C.
Numero ONU UN1263
Paese di origine DE
Mesi di scadenza 24
Tipo di certificato C of C
Condizione new
Numero KN8 32099000
Peso 0.05 kg
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