GNC255A - helicopter

GNC255A - helicopter
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The new GNC-255A features a 760 channel com transceiver and 200 channel Nav/ Glide-Slope receicver, and offers a variety of features never seen before in a stand-alone Nav/Com radio. A unique internal database makes it easy to find all frequencies at any given airport or VOR just by looking up the location name or identifier, or easily find the nearest airport, ARTCC, FSS, and VOR. It will also automatically recall the 20 most recently used frequencies as well as permanently store up to 15 frequencies. GNC-255A also features a large easy to read active/standby “flip-flop” display, standby frequency monitor function, internal 2-place voice activated intercom, built-in elapsed timer. GTR-225 is available with either 10w or 16w transmitter, and 8.33kHz spacing is optional for the European airspace mandate. The GNC-255 works well with the Garmin series of Garmin EFIS flight displays and Nav Indicators, and can integrate with most autopilots. System includes mounting rack and connector kit.

Paese di origine US
Tipo di certificato 8130-3
Condizione new
Numero KN8 85269180
Peso 2.45 kg
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