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Pulsar Navigation, Anti-Collision, and Position Lights
Technical Specifications: Navigation Color: Green Voltage: 12V Weight: 6.6 oz Dimensions: 4.0" x 1.85" x 1.5"
The Pulsar NSP serves as a three-in-one light—a Navigation Light for directional red and green positioning, an Anti-Collision/Strobe Light increases visibility in both daylight and night, and a rear-facing white Position Light. Designed with an industry-standard mounting footprint, an aerodynamically low drag profile, standard three-position mounting screw pattern with a patented mounting bracket, they are ideal for replacing legacy light installations.
Lights are designed to be installed on the wing tips of an aircraft where the navigation (red and green) and position (white) lights can be seen to determine the direction of the aircraft.
Pays d'origine US
Type de certificat 8130-3
État new
Numèro KN8 85318070
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Poids 0.405 kg