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D-5640NS was specifically developed as an alternative to chlorofluorocarbon chlorocarbons, alkalies and petroleum solvents for precision metal cleaning in the automotive, arerospace and general fabrication industries. D-5640NS contains no chlorine and, therefore, does not contribute to atmospheric ozone depletion. D-5640NS is biodegradable and has very low toxicity. Also, it is non-alkaline and eliminates hazards often associated with caustic cleaners. D-5640NS was designed especially as a manual cleaning alternative where fast drying and no residue are required. In these applications, D-5640NS is usually applied as a spray or hand wipe, and then either wiped dry or blown dry with compressed air. Available in bulk as ZC-640.
Recommended applications for D-5640NS include: -Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Removal -Degreasing of Transmission Class Breakers -Pre-Cleaning before Painting -General Equipment Degreasing -Handwipe Applications -Pressure Cleaner Applications -Parts Washers Preclean Transformer Leaks Prior to Sealing D-5640NS effectively cleans a broad range of soils including those listed below. Fingerprint Oil Cutting Oils Polishing Compounds Mineral Oils Buffing Compounds Printer's Inks Mold Release Agents Grease Cosmoline Silicone Oils Asphalt Wax Adhesives Boeing D6-17487, Douglas Aircraft Company.
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Tipo de certificado analysis cert.
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