Inspection Lacquer Zero Blue

Inspection Lacquer Zero Blue

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C of C
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The screw locking varnish Zero is the first 100% water-based locking varnish system that works completely without organic solvents (VOC-free).
Boeing specification BMS8 45 Type II Rolls-Royce specification MSRR1102 Bosch standard 2580–1
Manufactured with raw materials that are as gentle as possible on people and nature.
Our screw locking varnish Zero is water, oil and petrol resistant, as well as resistant to diluted alkalis and acids. It can be used without any problems at temperatures up to 80°C.
UV and weather resistant for at least 4 years.
País de origen DE
Meses de expiración 24
Tipo de certificado C of C
Estado new
Nùmero KN8 32099000
Peso 0.05 kg
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